She Wants: Nila Anthony Laser Cut Flower Handbag

Since the 3d floral trend did carry over to Fall, I think a black leather or faux leather handbag would be perfect for this season.  To be honest, I bought a large black handbag by Kenzie Girl with 3d flowers on it last Spring, but saved it to carry during the Fall.  It just did not feel very Spring-like to carry a big black bag during the warmer months.

I came across this black faux leather Floral Handbag by Nila Anthony and thought it would be great for Fall, but there was something missing.  This bag would be perfect if there was a splash of color peeking out from underneath those laser cut petals, such as burgundy, a deep purple, or a burnt orange.  In fact, I think I would carry this bag during the Spring and Summer months too, if there was a bright kiwi, tangerine, sky blue, or hot pink under there.

What do you think?  Do you like the black and white or would you need a splash of color too?