Featured Product: Naturalizer Lailah Wedge Sandals

Although I have always liked the idea of espadrilles, I have never owned a pair.  I think the reason is because the combination of canvas uppers with a high heel do not always make the most comfortable shoe.  I did find these Lailah Wedge Sandals by Naturalizer that I might just have to try on for size next time I stop into Macy's.

What makes these espadrilles different?  There are a few features of this shoe that make me think these may be the espadrilles for me . . . a leather upper, a cushioned footbed, and a cork-like heel.  The leather upper would not only be more comfortable than canvas, it also makes the shoe less casual.  A cushioned footbed is something that many pairs of espadrilles lack.  My days of sacrificing comfort for fashion are over!  These days, I want both and am not willing to settle for less.  The cork heel seems like it would also add to the comfort factor.  I own a pair of Naturalizer slip-on sandals with a cork platform heel that could very well be the most comfortable pair of sandals I own.

Let's talk color!  The Naturalizer Lailah Wedge Sandals are available in Portrait (beige), Teakwood (brown), Bright Coral, White, and Black.  Coral is one of the hot colors for Spring/Summer 2012 and just so happens to be the color I am drawn to the most.  My second choice would be either the Black or the Portrait.  Which color would you choose?

These sandals retail for $79.  Maybe if I wait for them to go on sale, I can buy the Bright Coral, the Black, and the Portrait . . .