Featured Product: Maria Sharapova Flats by Cole Haan

Since I was converted from being a heels-only girl to a flat-soled shoe-lover last year, I still have yet to purchase a pair of ballet flats.  Something about plain flats reminds me of the skimmers we use to wear when I was a little girl in fourth grade.  In fact, I have tried to shun most of the returning trends from the early 1980s.

Fast forward to today, as a grown woman who is embracing the flat-soled shoe trend and is presently going through a yellow phase, I saw and fell in love with these yellow ballet flats.  They are the Air Bacara Ballet Flat from the Maria Sharapova Collection by Cole Haan.  This color is Chickadee Patent, but the shoe is also available in a Cove (oyster), Rock Candy (fuchsia), and Shrimp (salmon) patent leather.

Aside from giving me flashbacks to my childhood, plain ballet flats are just too . . . well, plain for my taste.  In addition to the patent leather and the gorgeous color, the lacing detail on the back of the shoe and the hardware on the laces is really what pushed me over from simply liking to absolutely loving these shoes.  I think they would look adorable with a dress, a skirt, or a nice pair of capri pants.  What I would probably pair these shoes with most often would be denim capris or a skirt.  There is something about the color combination of blues with yellow that just seems to scream Springtime.

These ballet flats currently sell for $147.50 on Endless.com.  They do have concealed Nike Air Technology and the guaranteed comfort really adds to the value of this shoe for me.  I would love to have this shoe in the Chickadee and would be ecstatic if I could have it in the Cove as well.  I am going to have to keep my eyes peeled for a new Endless coupon code.  A generous coupon code would certainly make it easier to explain yet another pair of new shoes to my husband.