Shop Talk Six: 6 Musts for a Silhouette Graduation Party

One of the best memories I have from high school is the huge bash that was thrown for our whole class in a local event hall the night of our graduation.  What a great way it was to celebrate!  When I happened to come across this Graduation Edible Cake Decoration on, I thought to myself what a perfect theme it would be to have a graduation party built around silhouettes.  I love the idea of silhouettes because they are ambiguous, making it easy for anyone who looks at that figure in the cap and gown to feel like that could be him or her.

Here is a list of musts-haves for your "Silhouette-themed Graduation Party" . . .

1.  A large sheet cake trimmed with your school colors with an edible cake topper like the one shown above from

2.  Create an 8.5" x 11" flyer on your computer with a similar silhouette as the background.  Next add the what, when, and where for your party on top of the silhouette with white or a brightly colored font.  Then have a flyer printing service print your flyer on paper that is one of your school colors.  Make sure you have enough to hand out to as many classmates as possible or to slip into their lockers.

3.  If you do not have an empty white wall, hang up a large white screen or several pieces of blank white paper.  Then provide a spotlight, so that graduates can stand in the spotlight to have their picture taken with their silhouette cast on the wall behind them.  These photos would make great keepsakes of the celebration.

4.  Use large pieces of black construction paper or poster board to cut out matching silhouettes to the one on your flyer plus the graduation year to decorate the rest of the walls.  If there are windows, be sure to hang some on those because the silhouette effect would be amazing when seen from the outside at night.

5.  Cover a large square, round, or rectangular table with a plain white fabric tablecloth.  Then put out fabric markers in black and your school colors so that your classmates can sign the tablecloth like a guestbook.

6.  Lots of latex balloons and streamers in black (and white if desired) plus your school colors.  Both are inexpensive and are a must for a fun party-like environment.  I thought the balloons pictured below, which I found on, would add a touch of whimsy to any party.

If you have any other fun ideas for a silhouette-themed party to celebrate a graduation or another special occasion, I would love to hear them.  I am already getting ideas in my head for an elegant silhouette-themed wedding reception . . .