Shop Talk Six: 6 Tommy Hilfiger Gifts for Dad

With Father's Day just a week away, I thought you might need some gift ideas for dear old Dad or for your dear husband.  Here are some classic gifts from Tommy Hilfiger that range in price from $7.50 to $159.99.  My own husband can never seem to have enough dress socks for work and he has a belt to go with almost every pair of pants.  He hangs them together in the closet to help save himself time in the morning.  I don't know if that is just genius or if it actually falls into the quirky husband category.  What do you think?

All the gift ideas below can be found at . . . 

1. Men's Classic Black Strap Watch

2. Aviator Sunglasses

3. Anchor Logo Sock

4. Eau de Prep Men's

5. Suitcase: Canvas 21" Wheeled Upright

6. Fashion Pebble Belt