Hayden Panettiere in KanDi Jewelry Shopping with Paris

We all remember the candy necklaces and bracelets we wore as children.  They were much cuter than necklaces made out of Cheerios or macaroni pasta, if you ask me!  Dani Kates, creator of KanDi Jewelry, most likely agreed because her jewelry line is inspired by favorite childhood candies, such as gummy bears, classic candy necklaces, and rock candy.  Originally, these candy necklaces and bracelets included genuine diamond charms and were a huge hit with celebrities such as Hayden Panettiere (pictured above), Mischa Barton, Jessica Alba, Lindsay Lohan, and many more.

KanDi Jewelry has now revamped their jewelry line to be geared towards tweens and teens, minus the genuine diamonds of course.  Some of the styles are available in both matching necklaces and bracelets, but the gummy bear is the only style currently available with matching earrings.  I have seen these pieces selling in specialty boutiques for between $8 and $20, which seems reasonable since the styles will likely appeal to girls from an early grade school age through their early teen years.

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Visit www.kandijewelry.com to view the full assortment of candy-inspired jewelry.