She Wants: Cinderella Slippers by Christian Louboutin

Almost every girl, whether she is 6 or 60, has dreamed about a handsome Prince Charming placing that magical slipper on her perfectly pedicured foot, falling madly in love, and living happily ever after.  Well, I've already met my Prince Charming and we're already living out our lives happily together, so now all I need are the shoes!

Christian Louboutin unveiled these fairy tale Cinderella-inspired slippers at Haute Couture Week in Paris, which took place this week.  They even come complete with Louboutin's signature red sole.

“The slipper is the magic wand of transformation
which conjures confidence, beauty and love.” – Christian Louboutin

I may not have any place to which I can wear these shoes, but I still want them (not that I could afford them).  It has been said that 20 pairs will be given away in a future promotion.  I'm not sure when this will be, but I suspect it will be timed together with the release of the Cinderella (Diamond Edition) on Blu-ray this Fall.

Images provided by Click-Communications