She Wants: Musical Violins Water Globe

Don't hate me, but I am an early shopper when it comes to holiday gifts.  I always start thinking about it around July because I really need to spread my spending out over several months rather than buying all the gifts at once.  I always try to start with the people who are most difficult to buy for.  My sister is actually one of those people.  She is the kind of person who will buy what she wants or needs when she wants or needs it.  I have learned that a practical gift is not the way to go with her, but rather something she would not buy herself, such as a keepsake, is ideal.

I got on this train of thought when I saw this "Amazing Violins" With Ceramic Base Water Globe from Music Box Attic.  It plays Vivaldi's "The Spring."  I thought it would be something I would love to receive as a gift myself.  You see, both my sister and I took violin lessons as children.  We never did pursue it after our school stopped offering lessons, but I do think we both enjoy the melodious sound of a violin.  It would certainly bring back memories each time we heard it.

This water globe is going on my list as a definite gift possibility for my sister's birthday in November or for Christmas.  I wonder who else I can buy a music box for this holiday?  There are so many to choose from and even ones especially for mothers, fathers, your special love, and the little ballerina in your life.  Who do you have on your list who is difficult to buy for?