Featured Product: Pottery Barn Industrial Chalkboard Wall Clock

In a time when having a mobile phone by your side 24/7 or using an online alarm clock to remind you to take dinner out of the oven is the norm, the need for wrist watches and wall clocks has decreased dramatically in recent years.  Although I have not worn a watch for at least two years thanks to my trusty Windows phone, I still always look up at the wall clock, clock radio, or the microwave to see what the time is when I am at home.  Even when I'm working on my computer, which has the time on the bottom right corner of the screen, I still tend to look up out of habit.

I believe that wall clocks are more than just timekeepers.  They also add to a room's decor just like any other wall art.  The Industrial Chalkboard Wall Clock from Pottery Barn makes quite a statement.  It's wide black frame also doubles as a magnetic chalkboard.  The tea-stained parchment-like face gives this clock a vintage look.  I love this clock for a kitchen or a home office.  Leave it to Pottery Barn to come up with an attractive multi-function wall clock.

This wall clock measures a large 39" in diameter and retails for $199.  It comes with three circle magnets, chalk, and all the necessary mounting hardware to get your started.  This clock runs on just one AA battery, which is not included.  The Industrial Chalkboard Wall Clock is a Pottery Barn catalog/online exclusive.  You can find out more about this clock at www.PotteryBarn.com.