ABOG Polyvore Picks: America's Next Top Model Allison Harvard


Because I have thought that artist and model Allison Harvard has such a unique look with those haunting eyes of hers from the moment I first saw her on America's Next Top Model - Cycle 12, I decided to create the Allison Harvard-inspired set above on Polyvore.  Since then, I had kept an eye out for other fan sets on Polyvore to share.  I must say that most of them do not do her justice.

I hope you'll enjoy the following sets inspired by Harvard.  If you like some in particular, support the designer behind those sets by clicking through and giving them a "like", a follow, or a comment.  I'm sure they would appreciate it.
Allison Harvard

Shade of White

Beautiful blush

You're Beautiful

Apenas Diferente

Pink Blaz

Little Miss Vogue