She Wants: Tea Collection Akvarell Shift Dress for Women

I have been shopping at Tea Collection for my little girl for years.  I have always loved the layered look of a dress over a long-sleeved tee and leggings.  She always appears so together in that layered look, but also extremely comfortable.  That's not an easy combination to come by, especially in women's clothing.  Sometimes it seems as if the higher the fashion is, the lower the functionality is.  I know this is not always the case, but it seems like it at times.

This is why I'm loving the look of the Tea Collection Akvarell Shift Dress.  It offers everything my daughter's outfits offer, but somehow on a woman this layered look seems chic and edgy.  To top it all off, this shift dress is currently on sale for just $69.50 (regularly $118).

Now, if you're like me, you might feel guilty for making purchases for yourself out of want instead of need.  How do I get around that?  I simply shop for my children too because they always need something.  What harm will it do to throw one thing in for myself, right?  If you happen to shop on or before 3/27, be sure to look for the 3 + 1 symbol.  All items tagged with that symbol are Buy 3, Get the 4th Free when you checkout using Tea Collection promo code 4FUN!

If you shop, remember to come back and share about what you bought!