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Derek Cardigan Eyeglasses
I am an avid online shopper and have been for well-over a decade.  I shop for everything from handbags to groceries via my computer.  I actually purchased my first pair of eyeglasses online several years ago.  Yes, I was nervous ordering glasses without having tried them on, but I took the plunge anyways.  Since my first online eyeglass purchase, online eyewear retailers have come a long way.

I was long overdue for a new pair of glasses.  Yes, I could just have my lenses changed by a local optician, but, like with handbags and shoes, sometimes a girl just needs a new pair of frames to keep boredom at bay.  I found this pair of Derek Cardigan eyeglasses on  I like the vintage-inspired Derek Cardigan line because the frames were stylish, but not ostentatious.  After all, I want people to notice me, not just my glasses.

Derek Cardigan Eyeglasses

As I had mentioned, I am an old pro at ordering prescription eyeglasses online.  All you really need is a current prescription from your eye doctor.  If you remember, ask your doctor to jot down your pupillary distance for you, so you won't need to measure it yourself.  If you already have a pair of glasses that fit well, measure the height and width of the lenses, the width of the bridge, and the length of the arms.  When shopping for glasses compare these measurements to the ones provided on the product pages of the frames that you like.  This will help you find frames that fit closely to the glasses you have now.

One shopping feature I found to be particularly helpful on is the option to upload your photo so that you can "try on" various frames.  Many eyeglass websites have this feature.  Although it is not 100% accurate, it does help to give you an idea of how the glasses will work with your face shape.  As you can see, the preview of the frames I chose in the Birch color is much lighter than the actual frames.  Something that I have not seen on other eyeglass sites is the ability for you to try the frames on other people's faces.  The faces available are all different shapes with different eyes, hair, and skintones.  This also helps to give you an idea if the glasses will work with your own coloring.

CoastalDotCom Eyeglass Preview

Even though the eyeglasses were a slightly different color than I had expected, the overall fit and shape were as I had envisioned.  I have received a surprising number of compliments about these frames.  My previous 3 pairs of eyeglasses had dark-rimmed frames, so this was a huge change for me.  Ultimately, I am happy I made the switch.  Maybe my next pair of frames should be burgundy . . .
Derek Cardigan Eyeglasses
These eyeglasses from the Derek Cardigan line only cost $78 on without the thinner lens upgrade and lens coatings.  With the upgrades, the total was $152, which is over $300 less than the pair of designer eyeglasses I once purchased at the mall.  As an added bonus, for every pair of glasses sold, donates another pair to charity.  With sites like in existence, I will likely never be shopping at the mall for eyeglasses again.
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